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What we offer:

Home Interior Design

Home interior design is a time-taking and challenging process, which also takes much effort. The larger a house is - the most difficult it is to find the most suitable solution. Apart from standard repair works, it’s important to consider the placement of all the communications and functional areas. Here, at Cleveland Design City, we can cope with these and other tasks with ease.

Office Interior Design

Office interior design is a bit simpler as compared to home design planning. At the same time, it’s a bit different, because there is the need to consider the needs and convenience of people working in the office as well as the placement of equipment, furnishings and other design elements.

Online Interior Design Consultations

If you can’t visit our office for some reason or just need an opinion of an experienced designer, our online interior design consultations are always at your disposal. The only thing that differs them from the standard procedure is that you’ll have to provide us with the sizes of your home or office and a few photos so that we could offer you our design project ideas.

Project Planning

Project planning is the most responsible stage of the interior design process. This is because it has direct influence upon the way a place will look after the renovation. The more detailed the project is, the better the result is going to be. Our experts will take care of each stage of the project planning process to provide you with the top notch solution.

Author Supervision

Author supervision is the guarantee of quality you can get when dealing with Cleveland Design City. The service implies control over all the stages of the interior design process and assistance in the choice of materials, furnishings, equipment, textiles etc. This is a surefire way to make sure that the result you avail will come up to the initial ideas.

Who we are?

Interior design matters a lot when it comes to creating the comfort and style of your home. It has great impact upon the way you feel and perceive a place you live or work in. Cleveland Design City is a team of professionals, who are ready to cope with design projects of diverse complexity levels. We are dedicated to creating exclusive, individual and extraordinary designs of homes, offices or any other places our clients wish. Style and project details are always discussed with our clients in details to come up to their interior design needs, preferences and requirements, considering all the current trends and innovations.

Our interior design studio gives preference to modern projects, without compromising with classic trends and approaches. One of the highlights that differs our company from the prevailing amount of our competitors is the use of quality materials and textures, decor elements and furnishings that are always chosen with regard to the individual needs and budget of a client. We know how to create appealing and functional design without extra financial investment. To do that, you just need to find an optimal solution at each stage of the project realization. We are here to help you make these solutions! 

Why choose us?

Wide Range of Interior Design Services 

We offer a broad range of interior design services, starting with the development of a project and up to the interior decor and choosing the furniture. All the details are discussed with you in advance to find the best solutions possible.

Well Organized Work

All the stages of the interior design process are well organized, considering the nuances of a project, available budget and deadlines. This eventually results in a quality readymade project you will be satisfied with.

Professionalism and Quality

We are a team of professionals, who are responsible for each stage of the interior design process. Our experts are skilled and knowledgeable in the niche and always try their best effort to stay aware of the latest design trends, innovations and achievements. As a result, you get a 100% quality project that won’t leave you indifferent.


Our studio has over 10 years of experience in the interior design niche and dozens of satisfied clients. We have completed lots of projects of diverse complexity levels and we know how to help you find the best solution.

Flexible Pricing Policy

We can work out several variants of a design project to enable our clients choose that very option that meets their needs and budget. Our mission is not only to offer you a project you will be pleased with, but to ensure 100% client satisfaction. This is a priority to each member of Cleveland Design City.

Our Works

Five Room Apartment Designed in the Minimalist Style

The larger a place is - the more difficult it is to design its interior. This five room apartment is a vivid example of this statement. It belongs to a family of four people and each of them wanted to have individual space combined with functionality. The interior is designed in the minimalist style. It looks ultra modern and comes in a grey and beige color palette. It has several individual zones and a spacious area, where all the family can get together. The interior abounds in the diversity of textures, materials and design elements.

Modern Office 

This office interior design project was not an easy one. This is because of the large area that had to be remodeled to feature maximum comfort and functionality. The office is really large, so, we managed to single out several zones here. The highlight of the place and its most important functional area is a round table, where all the team members can work with comfort and pleasure. Light color palette contributes to the convenience and makes the place a perfect area for fruitful work.

One Room Apartment 

The main task of this design project was to create simple, spacious and modern interior that meets all the requirements of each family member. Light grey and beige shades dominate in the color palette, which is eye-pleasing and creates soothing and comfortable atmosphere. Minimalism is combined with classic style in this interior. This is manifested in the availability of strict lines and forms, simple natural materials, light colors and lots of functional design elements that make this one room apartment comfortable to live in.

A Bachelor Apartment

This is a great example of a bachelor apartment. It is designed with style and simplicity in mind. The apartment is spacious and functional at a time. It has everything a bachelor needs to have a good rest with friends or rest alone after a working day. Calm grey and white colors dominate in the interior giving it a bit strict look. There is a large TV set, a dining zone, lots of convenient furnishings, a light spacious bedroom and other elements that contribute to the appeal and functionality of the place.


Wish to express gratitude to the entire Cleveland Design City team. They masterfully combine professionalism, experience, creative thinking, positive attitude to clients and pricing policy. This is really worth hundreds of words! Regardless of the emergency needs and deadlines that have changed in the last possible minute, they managed to finish the project on time on the top notch level. The guys are the best! I definitely recommend the company to everyone, who expects great result! 

I’d like to thank Cleveland Design City for the job they have done for us! The result is stunning and it definitely exceeds our expectations. What impressed us most is the ability of the team to feel the character and mood of clients as well as creativity revealed in each design element. Due to their effort, we now have a place we feel comfortable in and what to come back to.     

I have turned to Cleveland Design City hoping for their assistance in the interior design project development. I had so many ideas that I couldn’t tell for sure what exactly I needed. Due to the professionalism and expertise of the team, we found the best solution and decided to combine loft style with classic one. My apartment looks modern now and it has already become my pride. Thanks a lot!